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Closing A Smile Gap With Clear Aligners

A space between two teeth can quickly give away your problems with malocclusion, or poor teeth spacing. Your gap can attract attention and make you self-conscious, and it can be part of a larger issue with poor alignment that hurts the way you look. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we offer treatment in… Read more »

Orthodontic Work With Removable Aligners

Until you actually begin to explore your options for orthodontic treatment with your Prairie Village, KS dentist, you may assume that metal braces are the only appliances that you have access to. What can surprise you is how many people are able to receive approval for treatment with removable Orthodontic Clear Aligners! By using this… Read more »

Beginning Work With Clear Aligners

With Orthodontic Clear Aligners, you can take care of teeth spacing issues that have made you self-conscious about the way you look. You can also see oral health benefits through corrective work, as your adjustment can improve your bite function as well as your ability to prevent oral health issues. At our Prairie Village, KS… Read more »

Should You Ask About Clear Aligners?

People can start asking questions about orthodontic treatment for different reasons. Sometimes, corrective work is recommended as a means of fixing issues with poor spacing that affect an individual’s bite function and oral health. At other times, the people who ask are focused on making changes to the way they look. You may have an… Read more »

Wearing Aligners Throughout The Day

When you begin treatment with Orthodontic Clear Aligners, you will start a period of time where you spend each day with a custom-made appliance in place. Will this be a difficult adjustment? How much time do you really need to spend with your aligner in position? To finalize treatment in time, you should wear them… Read more »

Planning Orthodontic Work With Your Dentist

Are you going to need an orthodontist’s help if you want to show off a straighter smile, or are there treatment options available from your general dentist? Having access to orthodontic treatment from your regular dentist can make your care easier in several ways. One benefit to this approach is that, simply put, you can… Read more »

How Can I Shorten Orthodontic Treatment?

If you want to start an orthodontic treatment, it is fair to question how you can make the procedure as short as possible. After all, there are several benefits to finishing corrective work. Beyond just improving your smile, work to straighten teeth can improve your bite function and even improve your ability to maintain good… Read more »

Dental Hygiene During Orthodontic Treatment

During your time undergoing orthodontic treatment, you can look forward to your smile becoming straighter and more attractive. Completing your adjustment will make it easier to maintain a comfortable bite, and it can also improve your ability to maintain good oral hygiene. One benefit to using clear aligners instead of metal braces for corrective work… Read more »

When You Choose SureSmile Aligners

When you start to look into your options for orthodontic treatment, you can find yourself with questions about alternatives to metal braces. One option you have is to fix your uneven smile with SureSmile Clear Aligners. This approach relies on a set of clear appliances that will gradually move your teeth into position, changing your… Read more »

Are You Ready To Start SureSmile Treatment?

If you have issues with uneven teeth, it can seem like the obvious step is to start orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately, this is something that people often put off for an extended period of time. The reasons for these delays can differ. With that said, one common issue is that people are not aware of what… Read more »