Month: January 2022

Starting Personalized Care With Clear Aligners

When you take on problems with teeth that are improperly spaced, you can see exciting cosmetic improvements as well as changes that benefit your oral health. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we offer a conservative, patient-friendly treatment for poor spacing in the form of Orthodontic Clear Aligners. To make sure that you see… Read more »

Fixing Cosmetic Issues With Aligners

As long as you feel self-conscious about your issues with poor teeth spacing, you can have larger anxieties about your general appearance. In other words, this one issue can have a big impact on your confidence; unfortunately, it can also have potential consequences for your oral health as well. Why do people who feel unhappy… Read more »

Should I Start Treatment With Aligners?

When you finish treatment with Orthodontic Clear Aligners, you can have a more attractive smile to show off, and you can enjoy welcome oral health improvements. With this in mind, it can be easy to see why you should start corrective work! Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is ready to help you find out… Read more »

Will Aligners Interfere With Daily Activities?

In the time you spend wearing Orthodontic Clear Aligners, will you need to make changes to your daily activities? How will the presence of these appliances interfere with your ability to care for your smile, your diet options, or even the way you present yourself in social and professional settings? One big benefit to using… Read more »