SureSmile Aligners And Your Appearance

Before you commit to any kind of orthodontic procedure, you can have questions about your daily experience with your aligners. What impact, if any, will they have on your smile? Will they interfere with your ability to maintain a professional appearance, or affect your confidence in social situations? This is not the only concern people tend to have about orthodontic work, but those who are most familiar with metal braces can feel some concern over this issue. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we are prepared to take on your concerns by offering aligners that move teeth discreetly. Your SureSmile Clear Aligners can fix problems with teeth gaps and overlaps without drawing unwanted attention, and they can actually do so in less time than you may think possible! (more…)

Starting SureSmile Orthodontic Treatment

clear alignersYou want to do something about your issues with poor smile alignment, but you are unsure where to start. As you look into your treatment options, you can find that there are exciting alternatives to traditional metal braces. Many of those options can help you resolve problems with malocclusion discreetly, as they rely on a series of clear aligners instead of conspicuous appliances. With SureSmile Clear Aligners, you can take on trouble with your smile discreetly and in less time than other appliances require. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can meet with you to start planning your treatment, and we can answer any questions that you may have about this service. (more…)

How SureSmile Aligners Offer Shorter Treatment Periods

The outcome of your orthodontic treatment can be something you are understandably excited for. After all, treatment to fix malocclusion can make your smile more symmetrical and more attractive, which can lead to a welcome confidence boost. One reason to choose SureSmile Clear Aligners for your treatment is so that you can permanently move teeth into their proper positions in less time than other aligners can require. This shorter treatment time is made possible because your appliances are designed to prioritize the movement of front teeth. In addition to shortening your overall adjustment period, this change can lead to visible smile improvements in less time! (more…)

Why We Use Digital Images To Plan SureSmile Treatment

To effectively move your teeth and resolve problems with malocclusion, your SureSmile Clear Aligners need to be designed for your individual smile. This requires careful measurements and a thorough study of your teeth and bite structure. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we capture this important information with digital technology that makes planning your procedure easier! This means you see benefits from choosing to pursue SureSmile treatment with us before you actually receive your aligners. Once your treatment begins, you can be glad to have appliances that are easy to remove and difficult to see, as they make your treatment experience easier. You can also be happy to learn that these appliances can shorten your treatment time! (more…)

How SureSmile Aligners Provide Discreet Orthodontic Work

Is there a way to fix the gaps and overlaps between your teeth that make you self-conscious without wearing metal braces for an extended period of time? For adults who are concerned about their appearance in social and professional settings, it can be difficult to commit to wearing metal braces. However, they can still express interest in a procedure to straighten teeth and improve both their smile and oral health. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can offer SureSmile Clear Aligners as an alternative to metal braces. Discreet treatment is just one advantage to choosing these appliances over other kinds of aligners. While SureSmile is not the only system of clear braces, it does stand out for its focus on straightening your front teeth, which can actually shorten your overall treatment time! (more…)

Wearing Your SureSmile Aligners On A Daily Basis

Is it going to be difficult to keep orthodontic aligners on your teeth throughout each day? The idea of straightening your smile can appeal to you, but it can feel intimidating if you imagine that aligners will be difficult to wear or keep up with on a daily basis. What you should know is that clear aligners provide discreet appliances, which means they will be difficult to notice. They are also easy to remove, which means they are not going to be in your way when you brush or floss your teeth. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we can recommend treatment with SureSmile Clear Aligners to address malocclusion. In addition to being discreet and easy to adjust to, SureSmile aligners can actually give you the results you want in less time! (more…)

Questions You Might Have About SureSmile Clear Aligners

When you start to look into your options for orthodontic treatment, you can be eager to find alternatives to traditional metal braces. These appliances help correct frustrating problems with alignment and spacing, but they must be permanently set in place for the entire treatment. They can attract unwanted attention, and you can feel unsure about how they will impact your ability to eat and clean your teeth. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we provide SureSmile Clear Aligners as an option for orthodontic treatment. These are removable aligners that are difficult to see. They can be removed at any time, so they are not in your way. One feature that sets them apart from other clear aligners is their focus on moving your front teeth, which can shorten your overall treatment time! (more…)

Using SureSmile Treatment To Change Your Appearance

When you have unresolved issues with the alignment and spacing of your teeth, it can be hard to show off your most confident smile. While orthodontic work is effective at correcting problems with teeth that seem too far apart, too close together, or otherwise out of place, people sometimes  feel less than enthused about the idea of traditional metal braces. Fortunately, you can find out more about SureSmile Clear Aligners, which provide orthodontic work with discreet, removable appliances. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we can talk to you about the benefits of SureSmile treatment, the impact it can have on your smile, and what you can expect from your procedure. One thing to understand about SureSmile aligners is that their focus on shifting your front teeth can deliver visible improvements sooner, and help to shorten your overall treatment time! (more…)

How SureSmile Aligners Help Adults Fix Gaps And Overlaps

Many adults feel unhappy with their teeth because they are not properly aligned. An issue with malocclusion can feel more embarrassing in adulthood because people tend to address smile gaps and overlaps in their teen years. With that said, not everyone has orthodontic work before they are adults, and some who do can experience teeth shifting that hurts their appearance. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is prepared to help if you wish to start orthodontic treatment as an adult. With SureSmile Clear Aligners, we provide a discreet approach to care, one that relies on a series of removable clear aligners instead of fixed braces. In addition to making your corrective work less conspicuous, we can use these appliances to improve your smile in less time than other aligner systems require! (more…)

SureSmile Aligners Help Patients See Faster Results

It can be hard to shake off your excited feeling when you think about what orthodontic treatment can do for your smile. At the end of your corrective work, you can flash a more symmetrical and attractive smile, one that is no longer marred by issues like teeth gaps or awkward overlaps. Corrective work with clear aligners can make the process of straightening your teeth more comfortable, as they attract less attention and can create fewer problems in your daily life because they can be removed. To enjoy these benefits and see results in less time, ask your Prairie Village, KS dentist about treatment with SureSmile Clear Aligners! With these appliances, patients can finish corrective work sooner, as they are made to prioritize the movement of your front teeth. (more…)