Will It Be Hard To Wear Your Clear Aligners Every Day?

When a person’s questions about orthodontic treatment go unanswered, they may hesitate to move forward with treatment to resolve problems with their smile alignment. While people can be attracted to the idea of using clear aligners instead of metal braces for treatment, they may have concerns about how easy it might be to keep their aligners on for the appropriate length of time. Will you really be able to wear your appliances throughout the day on a daily basis? Are they really able to avoid detection? Clear aligners are designed to be unobtrusive. You can stay on track with your alignment by keeping them in place every day even as you remove them at times to eat or clean your teeth. If you are still unhappy with the idea of treatment, know that the SureSmile Clear Aligners provided at our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can give you the results you want in less time! (more…)

SureSmile Aligners Can Discreetly Adjust Teeth That Overlap

How worried should you be if you have teeth that overlap? Teeth that are poorly aligned can affect the symmetry of your smile, which can make you uncomfortable with the way you look. What you should know is that they also put you at risk for problems with poor oral health, as it may be difficult to effectively clean portions of teeth that are not properly aligned. With SureSmile Clear Aligners, you can have problems with uneven teeth corrected so that these issues no longer affect you. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we rely on SureSmile aligners to fix these problems without the use of conspicuous braces. In addition to being harder to observe, SureSmile aligners actually lead to shorter adjustments for patients. (more…)

Can Clear Braces Really Fix Your Issues With Malocclusion?

Can you rely on clear aligners to address problems with the spacing and alignment of your smile, or will you need to wear metal braces? Many people have issues with malocclusion that can be addressed through the use of more discreet aligners, which can make orthodontic treatment easier to adjust to. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we rely on SureSmile Clear Aligners to help our patients fix gaps, overlaps, and other issues with the way their teeth are positioned. These appliances are hard to see and easy to remove. What sets them apart from other clear braces is their ability to prioritize the movement of your front teeth, which can have the effect of shortening your adjustment period! (more…)

Want To Shorten Orthodontic Treatment? SureSmile Can Help!

When people begin orthodontic treatment, they tend to be eager to finish their adjustment. Even with clear aligners, which can make treatment more convenient, it can be difficult to resist some feelings of impatience as you wait to start showing off your straightened smile. An exciting benefit of treatment with SureSmile Clear Aligners is the ability to see results in less time! At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can recommend the use of SureSmile aligners for many people who struggle with poor smile alignment. Because these appliances are designed to prioritize the moving of your front teeth, we can actually have your adjustment completed in less time than other appliances require. (more…)

Trusting SureSmile Clear Aligners To Improve Your Smile

If you have problems with your smile because of malocclusion, it can be hard not to feel excited about orthodontic treatment. While an adjustment of your teeth can take time, completing the correction will reward you with a smile that is more symmetrical, and generally considered to be more attractive. What you should know is that SureSmile Clear Aligners are able to produce those exciting cosmetic changes while also requiring less time for your adjustment! These aligners are designed to make treatment times shorter by focusing on the movement of your front teeth. In as little as a year, you can have the results you want from a correction! (more…)

What Are My Options For Addressing A Gap Between My Teeth?

Unresolved problems with your smile alignment can leave you with a gap between your teeth that you are eager to fix. While you may love the idea of fixing that gap, it may still be uncomfortable for you to commit to treatment with metal braces. Is there another approach to orthodontics that can give you your improved smile? At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can provide treatment with SureSmile Clear Aligners. With these clear aligners, we can make your smile correction easier to commit to. Over time, your appliances will gradually fix any gaps or overlaps that are present so that you can feel more comfortable when you smile and speak. With SureSmile aligners, your treatment can actually take less time, as these appliances are made to focus on the movement of your front teeth. (more…)

How You Benefit By Using SureSmile Over Other Clear Braces

When you use clear braces to correct smile gaps and overlaps, you can enjoy a discreet means of fixing problems that affect the way you look. Through the use of SureSmile Clear Aligners, you can make positive adjustments to your appearance gradually, with each aligner in a custom set bringing you closer to your ideal smile. So how do patients who use SureSmile Clear Aligners benefit over those who choose other appliances? What makes this approach to orthodontic work the one that should appeal to you? With SureSmile aligners, you can actually see the results you want in less time. These appliances have been made to focus on the movement of your front teeth, which leads to faster smile improvements! (more…)

Tips For Maintaining Healthy Teeth During Orthodontic Work

Once you begin the process of straightening your teeth, you can look forward to showing off a straighter, more attractive smile. Fixing problems with gaps and overlaps can actually help you improve your oral health, too. When you fix alignment flaws, you can improve your bite function, reducing your risk for problems with TMJ disorder. Corrections can also make it easier to avoid problems with tartar buildup, as you can have an easier time cleaning teeth that overlap. Of course, one thing to remember is that you need to stay on top of your oral health needs during your adjustment. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, patients can inquire about treatment with SureSmile Clear Aligners. One benefit to using SureSmile is that they are removable appliances, which will make it easier for you to clean your smile each day. (more…)

3 Reasons To Ask Your Dentist About SureSmile Aligners

If you have already been warned about the effect poor smile alignment has had on your oral health, or if you simply wish to straighten your teeth to improve your appearance, you should learn about your options for orthodontic work. While metal braces have been effective for many people, and in many circumstances, you may be less than eager to rely on them for your own needs. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, patients who are bothered by gaps or overlaps between teeth can discover the benefits of straightening their teeth with SureSmile Clear Aligners! With SureSmile aligners, it becomes possible to fix orthodontic flaws discreetly, and with appliances that can actually shorten the time needed with other braces. (more…)

Poorly Aligned Teeth Can Be An Issue For Your Bite Function

Biting and chewing are actions we perform often, and you may spend little time thinking about how you are moving your jaw when you perform them. With that being said, the alignment of your bite is more important than you might realize, and an uneven bite can raise your risk for dental problems, including TMJ disorder. So why do some people have problems with their bite alignment? One issue that can affect people is the alignment of their teeth. Gaps and overlaps can throw off your ability to naturally apply pressure evenly. As a result, you can put more strain on your joints and muscles, or become too reliant on certain teeth without realizing it. With SureSmile Clear Aligners, our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is able to offer a discreet solution for this problem. Your appliances will be able to discreetly fix your smile, and they can do so in less time than other aligners require. (more…)