Month: February 2021

Using SureSmile Treatment To Change Your Appearance

When you have unresolved issues with the alignment and spacing of your teeth, it can be hard to show off your most confident smile. While orthodontic work is effective at correcting problems with teeth that seem too far apart, too close together, or otherwise out of place, people sometimes  feel less than enthused about the… Read more »

How SureSmile Aligners Help Adults Fix Gaps And Overlaps

Many adults feel unhappy with their teeth because they are not properly aligned. An issue with malocclusion can feel more embarrassing in adulthood because people tend to address smile gaps and overlaps in their teen years. With that said, not everyone has orthodontic work before they are adults, and some who do can experience teeth… Read more »

SureSmile Aligners Help Patients See Faster Results

It can be hard to shake off your excited feeling when you think about what orthodontic treatment can do for your smile. At the end of your corrective work, you can flash a more symmetrical and attractive smile, one that is no longer marred by issues like teeth gaps or awkward overlaps. Corrective work with… Read more »

Choosing SureSmile Aligners To Close Your Smile Gap

Many people feel self-conscious about the way they look when they smile because poor teeth spacing has given them a visible gap. This opening can feel out of place, it can draw unwanted attention, and it can even affect your overall smile symmetry. As you look into your options for treatment, you can find that… Read more »