Month: July 2023

An Alternative Orthodontic Option

Woman showing clear aligners

If you have been thinking about correcting problems with the spacing of your teeth, we invite you to consider all treatment options. We offer an alternative to traditional braces that provides benefits beyond those of a bracket-and-wire appliance. Orthodontic Clear Aligners allow you to stay on top of your oral hygiene both during and after… Read more »

An Orthodontic Treatment For People On The Go

Woman in business attire

If you have been thinking about correcting the spacing of your teeth for cosmetic reasons, you may be hesitant to pursue traditional bracket-and-wire braces. This is understandable as they can make quite an impact on your appearance during your treatment. And while everyone’s case is unique, they could stay on your teeth anywhere from multiple… Read more »

Clear Aligners Help Enhance Your Oral Health

woman with clear aligner

When you decide to correct spacing problems with your smile, you look forward to improving your appearance. But did you know that teeth that are more uniformly spaced are also easier to clean? This means that seeking orthodontic correction offers valuable health benefits in addition to cosmetic enhancement. By improving your ability to prevent tooth… Read more »

Deciding To Straighten Your Smile

Happy MODEL holding and showing at camera an invisible aligner while laughing. Dental healthcare and confidence concept.

When deciding to correct problems with your smile’s alignment, you should explore each option for orthodontic treatment. When you see how many appliances are available, you can make your selection by learning the differences between each. While all treatments seek to bring your teeth into position, your experience during the corrective period can be somewhat… Read more »