Month: June 2022

Benefits Of The Right Orthodontic Care

Living with excess spacing between teeth or crowding that leaves them out of position can certainly be embarrassing. It can also create problems for your dental well-being, as these alignment issues can change your oral health and bite function. There are different treatment options available to people who want to make improvements to an uneven… Read more »

Learn About Orthodontic Clear Aligners

The idea of orthodontic work can be intimidating, particularly to adults who feel that corrective work is associated with teens and kids. Wearing an appliance for an extended length of time can sound uncomfortable, and you can worry about how its presence will affect the way you look. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office,… Read more »

Patient-Friendly Care For Crowded Teeth

There are many reasons why people experience doubts about the way they look when they smile and speak. If you have teeth that are too close together, the visible crowding that results can hurt your appearance because teeth may jut out, appear recessed, or generally look out of position. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s… Read more »

How Aligners Fix Teeth That Are Too Far Apart

If you have teeth that are too far apart, the gap that exists between them can draw attention you would rather not have, making you self-conscious about the way you look. By exploring your options for orthodontic treatment, you can find that a discreet solution for this is available. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office… Read more »