Month: July 2021

When You Choose SureSmile Aligners

When you start to look into your options for orthodontic treatment, you can find yourself with questions about alternatives to metal braces. One option you have is to fix your uneven smile with SureSmile Clear Aligners. This approach relies on a set of clear appliances that will gradually move your teeth into position, changing your… Read more »

Are You Ready To Start SureSmile Treatment?

If you have issues with uneven teeth, it can seem like the obvious step is to start orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately, this is something that people often put off for an extended period of time. The reasons for these delays can differ. With that said, one common issue is that people are not aware of what… Read more »

Answering Questions About SureSmile

When you start to look at all of your options for orthodontic treatment, you can quickly realize that there are exciting alternatives to traditional work with metal braces. One option is to use SureSmile Clear Aligners, a system of clear aligners that makes corrective work discreet as well as surprisingly short! Our Prairie Village, KS… Read more »

Are You A Good SureSmile Candidate?

Many people want to do something about problems with uneven teeth, but they feel reluctant to say so because they are not keen on starting corrective work with metal braces. What can you do about this problem if you feel uncomfortable with such a conspicuous appliance, or if you prefer not to wear fixed aligners… Read more »