Month: May 2023

Bringing Your Teeth Into Position

Teen girl holding clear aligners

When it comes to straightening your teeth, orthodontic treatments provide the results your desire by slowly pulling your smile into position.  By exploring the variety of corrective appliances, you can help narrow your decision for which product to pursue. You may find that while all treatments seek the same goal of a straighter smile, they… Read more »

Correcting Smiles With Clear Aligners

Woman putting on clear aligners

Have you been told your teeth have problems with malocclusion? When your smile is not properly spaced, it can cause a variety of concerns. While the effect on your appearance of uneven teeth may be obvious, issues with your alignment can weaken your bite and create oral health problems. To treat these effects and provide… Read more »

Clear Aligners Benefit Your Health

Young woman smiling

Deciding to correct problems with the spacing of your teeth can provide important benefits to your oral health. While the esthetic improvement provided by orthodontic correction is apparent to most, exploring all of the treatment options available can help you decide which provides a healthy smile. If your teeth crowd together or are crooked, it… Read more »