An Alternative Orthodontic Option

Woman showing clear aligners

If you have been thinking about correcting problems with the spacing of your teeth, we invite you to consider all treatment options. We offer an alternative to traditional braces that provides benefits beyond those of a bracket-and-wire appliance. Orthodontic Clear Aligners allow you to stay on top of your oral hygiene both during and after treatment by not impeding your brushing and flossing habits. While the archwire of braces presents a permanent barrier to your hygienic tools, you may remove clear aligners when cleaning your smile or enjoying a meal. While some patients may be hesitant to wear the conspicuous look of a metal treatment option, we create our aligners from a practically invisible, BPA-free material. This means letting others know about your decision to correct your smile on your own terms!

At your Prairie Village, KS, dental practice, we encourage you to explore orthodontic treatment for its wide array of benefits! While many focus on the esthetic benefits of a more uniform smile, correcting the alignment of your bite helps you maintain a more healthy smile by preventing decay and infection.

When An Improper Bite Leads To Cavities

When your teeth properly align, they take an amount of force from your bite that they can withstand. Conversely, malocclusion of your bite can lead to a situation where certain teeth take a disproportionate amount of force. This can quickly grind away at the protective layer of enamel that protects your smile from oral bacteria. Once exposed, the inner layers of your teeth can receive cavities that further damage your smile. Your daily oral hygiene can help you remove decay-causing plaque, but the physical damage of misalignment can continue until receiving a therapy to align your bite.

Designing Your Clear Aligners

When you visit our practice, we can inspect your smile to determine if clear aligner treatment is right for you! By taking digital imagery of your teeth from multiple angles, we can create a computerized imprint of your smile without the need for messy physical molds. At your first appointment, we can show you a software projection of what your smile will look like after treatment. After sending your measurements to a lab, we will deliver your aligners upon creation. You will wear each pair as they gradually move your teeth into a more uniform position until it is time to move to the next set. This reduces your time in the dental chair by not requiring regular adjustments to your orthodontic appliance.

Speak With Your Prairie Village, KS, Dentist About Improving Your Oral Health With Orthodontics!

When you are exploring your options for orthodontic care, we invite you to consider clear aligner treatment! For more information about this service, please contact your Prairie Village, KS, dentist’s office at (913) 901-8585.