Month: April 2020

Make Sure You Keep Your Aligners In Place During The Day

When you arrange orthodontic treatment with SureSmile Clear Aligners, you can look forward to a shorter adjustment timeline. These appliances are made to focus on the movement of your front teeth, which can lead to improvements that people can pick up on in less time. With that said, you may end up prolonging your treatment… Read more »

What To Expect When Starting Orthodontic Work As An Adult

Orthodontic work can often take place during childhood. In fact, people may associate the sight of metal braces with youth due to the frequency with which treatment takes place around the preteen or teen years. Because of this, adults are sometimes put off by the idea of doing work to straighten their teeth because they… Read more »

The Role Digital Scanning Plays In Orthodontic Treatment

At first glance, it may seem as though everyone has the same goal when they pursue orthodontic treatment. By working to fix smile gaps and overlaps, you can show off a symmetrical, properly aligned smile. Of course, your current issues with malocclusion are different from someone else’s, which is why your dentist should provide a… Read more »

Taking Care Of Your Smile During An Orthodontic Adjustment

Once a person’s teeth start to arrive, oral health care becomes a concern. At all times, you should be making efforts to keep your teeth clean in order to prevent problems with tooth decay and gum disease – this includes any period where you are undergoing orthodontic work. With traditional metal braces, patients can be… Read more »