Month: September 2022

Will I Be Comfortable Using Clear Aligners?

If you have problems with poor teeth spacing, it can be difficult to comfortably show off your smile. You may also find it hard to deal with the effect that this problem has on your bite function. This is because working around awkward spacing can put more wear and tear on certain teeth and even… Read more »

Discreetly Fixing Your Smile Misalignment

When you choose to do something about a poorly aligned smile, you can find that your options include treatments that are easy to fit into your current lifestyle. In fact, you can actually choose treatment with appliances that are both easy to remove and hard to see, making orthodontic work surprisingly discreet! At our Prairie… Read more »

Successful Smile Improvements From Clear Aligners

While some spacing issues are more significant than others, it only takes a slight misalignment to create an embarrassing visual flaw. If you have any gaps or overlaps between teeth that hurt the quality of your smile, or if you worry about a general appearance of unevenness that you hope to correct, our Prairie Village,… Read more »

Clear Aligner Treatment And Your Work Life

Starting orthodontic work puts you on a path to a more attractive smile as well as better oral health. Unfortunately, when you depend on metal braces to make corrections, you can find yourself working around the presence of a fixed appliance that draws unwanted attention. This can be particularly worrying for people who want to… Read more »