Treatment with Orthodontic Clear Aligners

What to Expect from Orthodontic Clear Aligners Treatment

If the misalignment of your teeth has an obvious effect on your smile’s appearance, then straightening them can be as much of a cosmetic concern as it is a functional one. Therefore, patients who are concerned with their smiles’ appearance are often highly pleased to learn that they can improve it without having to wear traditional braces. Modern clear aligners can successfully guide crooked teeth into straighter and more attractive positions, and with Orthodontic Clear Aligners, treatment can be completed in a fraction of the time.

Before recommending treatment, we’ll carefully examine your smile to diagnose the nature and extent of your tooth misalignment, and determine if you’re a good candidate for Orthodontic Clear Aligners. Because their primary focus is your smile’s appearance, they may not suffice if you exhibit severe tooth misalignment. If you are a good candidate, then we can custom-design a treatment plan using Orthodontic Clear Aligners that can dramatically improve your smile in as few as 3-6 months!

Enjoy Faster Treatment with Orthodontic Clear Aligners

With Orthodontic Clear Aligners, your orthodontic treatment can be completed faster, more comfortably, and with almost complete discretion. To schedule a Orthodontic Clear Aligners consultation, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585. Located on the south west corner of 75th and State Line at the Crossroads of Prairie Village, Waldo, Brookside, Mission Hills , Leawood and Overland Park, we’re just minutes from I-435 and State Line, as well as I-35 and 75th Street.