Month: October 2018

Quiz: Understanding What MTM Aligners Can Do For Patients

How can you fix smile flaws caused by poor dental alignment, while avoiding problems with metal braces? Can you focus your corrective work on fixing problems with the teeth that are most prominent when you smile? MTM aligners offer many benefits you may not realize are available to you when you want to straighten your… Read more »

3 Facts To Prepare You For Treatment With MTM Aligners

Looking forward to the results of your orthodontic work can be natural, but people can be hesitant before a procedure begins. Fortunately, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can offer you the opportunity to fix those upsetting alignment problems without the use of traditional metal braces. What you can use instead are MTM aligners, which focus… Read more »

MTM Aligners Can Reduce Your Orthodontic Treatment Time

Many patients can be impressed with how hard it is to see MTM aligners once they are in place, and how easy they are to use in your daily life. Even with those benefits, you can still be excited to learn how these orthodontic appliances can offer a shorter treatment time. MTM aligners differ from… Read more »

What Kind Of Benefits Can I Enjoy When I Use MTM Aligners?

What should you do about your smile if you have issues with poor teeth spacing or alignment? These issues can be corrected with orthodontic work, but many people are reluctant to start treatment, as they expect this will involve metal braces. Many people who want to straighten their teeth can find that MTM aligners offer… Read more »

Starting Orthodontic Treatment With MTM Aligners

Starting your orthodontic work can be exciting, but you may experience some nervousness. While it can be easy to look forward to the benefits that come with a straightened smile, you may have some concerns about how your orthodontic appliance will affect you in your daily life. Fortunately, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can provide… Read more »