Month: April 2019

Can An Alternative To Metal Braces Reliably Help Your Smile?

While metal braces can be hard to ignore, and they can seem to intrude on your ability to eat and clean your teeth, they can make remarkable changes to a person’s smile. If you have alignment issues that affect your appearance and oral health, traditional bracket and wire braces can gradually fix these concerns, and… Read more »

Fixing Alignment Flaws Without A Fixed Orthodontic Appliance

While metal braces can be bothersome for how conspicuous they are, there is another feature of these appliances that can bother some people. You might find that, because metal braces are permanently set in place until your procedure is finished, you have a harder time with eating, and cleaning your teeth. MTM Clear Aligners can… Read more »

Can Straightening Your Teeth Help You Prevent Cavities?

When you think about what you can gain from straightening your teeth, you can understandably focus on the cosmetic benefits of orthodontic work. As exciting as those changes can be, there are other benefits that come with improving your smile by correcting crooked teeth. One issue people with uneven teeth can have concerns their ability… Read more »

Wearing Clear Aligners In Professional And Social Settings

When you think about undergoing orthodontic work, it can be hard to avoid thinking about the way an adjustment might affect your life. After all, unlike many other types of dental work, orthodontic work can take an extended period of time to complete. If you rely on traditional metal braces, it can also require you… Read more »

Trust MTM Clear Aligners To Make Quality Smile Improvements

You have problems with the way your crooked teeth affect the way you look, but you are unsure about the “right” way to make improvements. Metal braces can make valuable corrections to the way a person looks, but you may be less than happy about an extended period with these conspicuous appliances affecting your smile…. Read more »