Month: March 2023

Preventing Tooth Decay With Clear Aligners

Model demonstrating clear aligners

When you first wonder about fixing the spacing of your teeth, you may concentrate on how nice they will look in a straighter position. But did you know that correcting your dental misalignment improves their appearance by helping you prevent cavity formation and enamel erosion? When your teeth are straight, it becomes easier to access… Read more »

Understanding The Benefits Of Clear Aligners

Smiling woman holding aligner tray

As you begin exploring all of your options to correct problems with the spacing of your teeth, you will find certain solutions that prioritize minimal impact on your day-to-day life. Modern orthodontic products treat the same issues as traditional bracket-and-wire braces, but in a more discreet manner. This can comfort patients who delay timely correction… Read more »

An Alternative Treatment For Straighter Teeth

Blonde woman holding clear aligner

When deciding to pursue orthodontic treatment, you should be aware of the multiple benefits of straightening your teeth. Not only do orthodontics greatly improve the appearance of your smile, but they have significant oral health benefits as well. Straighter teeth are easier to access when brushing and flossing which reduces the likelihood of tooth decay…. Read more »

Fixing Malocclusion Of Your Teeth

girl holding an aligner

Deciding to begin treatment for issues with the spacing of your teeth requires knowing what solutions are available. If you are aware of malocclusion in your smile, but prefer not to wear traditional bracket-and-wire braces, Orthodontic Clear Aligners can provide similar benefits. This option is excellent for patients who do not wish to draw attention… Read more »