Month: September 2019

Bring Questions About MTM Clear Aligners To Our Practice

If you are tired of feeling self-conscious because your teeth are misaligned, or if you are trying to make improvements to your bite function, you can be ready to talk about orthodontic treatment. However, you may be unsure of which appliance might be the one you want to trust for your adjustment. At our Prairie… Read more »

Use MTM Aligners To Straighten Teeth, And Improve Your Bite

For many people who seek out orthodontic treatment, an adjustment is exclusively about making smile improvements. This is certainly a worthwhile goal – after all, you deserve to feel confident in the way you look. What might surprise you is that there are additional benefits to orthodontic work, including benefits for your dental function. By… Read more »

MTM Clear Aligners For Teens And Young Adults

While many adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment, treatments to address poor dental alignment often take place when an individual is younger. While it may be common to see a teenager or young adult with metal braces, many people in these age groups can worry about the effect metal braces might have on the way… Read more »

Make An Appointment To Discuss MTM Aligners And Your Smile

You may be tired of the effect poor dental alignment is having on your smile, but are you ready to address the problem? When it comes to orthodontic work, patients sometimes believe that their only option for correcting problems with gaps and overlaps will be metal braces. For some patients with more serious alignment concerns,… Read more »