Month: October 2022

How Clear Aligners Close Teeth Gaps

Are you less than comfortable with your smile because a gap exists between your teeth? That extra space can be a source of embarrassment, as it can attract attention and create an imbalance in your appearance that is distracting and unappealing. It can be frustrating to have this problem, but it can be especially upsetting… Read more »

Providing Your Custom Clear Aligners

Your smile may be healthy, but if your teeth are not properly aligned, it can be hard for you to feel confident in how you look. Gaps, overlaps, and general issues with asymmetry can make you less comfortable with your appearance, but the idea of metal braces can be less than appealing. What you should… Read more »

Making Discreet Orthodontic Care Possible

How ready do you feel to pursue orthodontic treatment? For many individuals who have poor teeth spacing, the idea of care can hold some appeal, but that interest can be offset by worries over the experience they will have with metal braces. Concerns over conspicuous appliances be understandable, particularly when you need to be more… Read more »

Do Clear Aligners Make Sense For You?

Are you someone who should look into treatment with clear aligners? For many who want to correct spacing problems but feel uneasy about traditional braces, these appliances offer welcome advantages. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is prepared to help you explore how they could benefit you as an individual. It can be a relief… Read more »