Month: April 2022

Straightening Teeth That Overlap

If your teeth are too close together, they can appear to overlap in ways that create embarrassing smile flaws. When there are visible spacing problems, it can hurt the overall symmetry of your appearance and also cause issues with your bite function and oral health. For many people, Orthodontic Clear Aligners can be an effective… Read more »

How Clear Aligners Make Cosmetic Changes

What currently stands between you and your most confident smile? For people who are affected by poor teeth spacing, gaps and awkward overlaps can upset the look of an otherwise healthy and lovely set of teeth. Until this matter is dealt with, you can find yourself with negative feelings about the way you look. At… Read more »

Trusting Clear Aligners To Close Gaps

When poor teeth spacing is a problem, it can be difficult to ignore how it impacts your overall appearance. The embarrassment you feel can be enough motivation to look into orthodontic treatment. With that said, there are other issues that can affect you. Until the alignment of your smile is addressed, you can have issues… Read more »

How Clear Aligner Treatment Is Planned

Through the right approach to orthodontic treatment, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can help you enjoy straighter teeth and a more attractive smile. Our practice gives patients the opportunity to make positive changes to the way they look with a set of Orthodontic Clear Aligners. These appliances are made to be difficult to see and… Read more »