Month: April 2023

Preventing Cavities With Straighter Teeth

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Making the decision to correct problems with the position of your teeth has a variety of benefits. While the esthetic improvement of a straighter smile is quite clear, seeking orthodontic treatment can benefit your oral health greatly. Did you know that straightening your teeth helps you fight tooth decay by providing a smile that is… Read more »

Clear Aligners Help Straighten Teeth

Woman holding set of clear aligners

If you are thinking about seeking orthodontic treatment to fix the position of your teeth, you will find there are many options available today. If you hesitate at the idea of traditional bracket-and-wire metal braces, clear aligner therapy provides an alternative treatment with additional benefits. While this system approaches the same orthodontic goal of straighter… Read more »

How Orthodontics Improve Oral Health

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When you begin to explore options for correcting the alignment of your teeth, many people focus on the esthetic benefits of a straighter smile. But did you know that modern orthodontic appliances allow you to improve your oral health as well? When teeth are crooked or crowd, they prevent you from properly cleaning their entire… Read more »

Correcting Your Smile With Discretion

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Does the idea of orthodontic treatment make you feel uneasy? When you begin thinking about the decision to correct problems with the spacing of your teeth, wearing metal wires and brackets may sound quite unpleasant. Braces call attention to themselves with a conspicuous appearance and can be quite uncomfortable if they cut into the gums… Read more »