Month: June 2020

How SureSmile Aligners Shorten Treatment Times For Patients

When you are looking forward to showing off an improved smile, you can become impatient with any dental procedure. While orthodontic work provides exciting cosmetic and oral health benefits, people can sometimes feel frustrated by how long it will take to really enjoy those benefits. The use of clear aligners can make orthodontic treatment feel… Read more »

Use Clear Aligners To Fix Problems With Teeth That Overlap

When teeth overlap, they can appear jagged, off-balance, and less attractive. With that said, this can be more than just a concern for your smile. Teeth that overlap in inappropriate ways can be harder to clean effectively, and they can affect the way that a person applies force when they bite and chew food. By… Read more »

How To Maintain Your Smile During An Orthodontic Adjustment

Over the course of orthodontic treatment, your smile will gradually improve as problems with poor alignment are resolved. While this offers an exciting improvement, the positioning of your teeth is just one aspect that can influence the overall quality of your smile. To fully protect your teeth and gums over the course of an adjustment,… Read more »

Closing A Smile Gap With SureSmile Clear Aligners

A gap between teeth can be an especially frustrating problem, as it can seem to draw an undeserved amount of attention while also disrupting the symmetry of your smile. Many people will find that there is no way to fix a gap without arranging orthodontic treatment. If you assume that this means you must wear… Read more »

What To Expect When Starting SureSmile Treatment

While the start of orthodontic treatment can be exciting, it can also cause a person to feel a little unease, as they will not know what to expect from their adjustment. Because clear aligners make orthodontic work more convenient as well as less conspicuous, you can be less nervous when beginning your correction, but you… Read more »