Month: August 2018

Your Day-To-Day Life With MTM Aligners

While life after orthodontic work might excite you, your life during treatment might leave you less thrilled. If your assumption is that your treatment will have to involve metal braces, you may expect to spend an extended period with unflattering bracket and wire appliances. In addition to affecting the way you look, these traditional braces… Read more »

Your MTM Aligners Are Focused On Important Cosmetic Changes

What separates MTM aligners from other approaches to orthodontic work? There are many reasons people are excited to use clear aligners, rather than metal braces. One benefit is simply that you can enjoy a discreet correction when you have clear plastic aligners in place, rather than bracket-and-wire braces. You can also appreciate the ability to… Read more »

Answering Questions People Often Have About MTM Aligners

If you are ready to fix unflattering dental alignment problems, but uncomfortable with committing to metal braces, you should know that alternatives are out there. In fact, you can find that a different approach to orthodontic work could benefit you in several ways. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can help you improve your smile… Read more »

Maintaining Your Professional Appearance With MTM Aligners

If you work in a professional environment, and need to be mindful of your appearance, you may be self-conscious when you think about the idea of having metal braces. This can make matters difficult for people who want to make orthodontic improvements in their adult years. Fortunately, your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office provides MTM… Read more »