Month: February 2019

Taking The First Steps Towards Orthodontic Treatment

Taking the first steps towards orthodontic care can be uncomfortable, particularly for those people who assume that metal braces are the only treatment option available to them. Your interest in correcting bothersome gaps or overlaps that make your smile seem uneven can be checked by your concerns about a conspicuous, fixed appliance in the way… Read more »

How Convenient Can Orthodontic Work Really Be?

While the results of an orthodontic treatment can be exciting, many people have presumptions about the process of straightening teeth that make them nervous. How long is this work going to take? How will you look with your orthodontic appliances in place? Will your appliance affect what you can eat and drink? If you are… Read more »

How MTM Aligners Differ From Other Orthodontic Appliances

As frustrating as it can be to have a smile affected by crooked teeth, people can still hesitate before looking into orthodontic treatment. That discomfort can be particularly strong if you work in a professional setting, or worry that braces will negatively impact your social life. When you understand how MTM Clear Aligners differ from… Read more »

Discussing MTM Clear Aligners With Your Dentist

It can be exciting to think you can use a discreet orthodontic appliance, rather than traditional braces, to fix issues with your smile alignment. With that said, you may be unsure if this approach is one that is right for you. If you are ready to do something about smile problems created by gaps, overlaps,… Read more »