Month: December 2020

How Easily Will Orthodontic Work Fit Into Your Daily Life?

When you choose to pursue orthodontic work, you commit to a treatment that gradually moves your teeth out of their poor alignment and into better positions. This work can lead to exciting cosmetic changes, but it can also be a means of addressing certain oral health concerns. Because this procedure takes time to complete, patients… Read more »

Using SureSmile Aligners To Reposition Your Front Teeth

The appearance and condition of your front teeth have the most impact on the quality of your smile. If you have problems with their alignment, your smile will look less symmetrical, and conspicuous problems with gaps or overlaps can be difficult to ignore. Relatively mild issues with malocclusion can feel like a bigger concern when… Read more »

SureSmile Clear Aligners Can Deliver Positive Results

When your teeth are not properly aligned, the lack of smile symmetry and presence of visible gaps or overlaps can make you less than thrilled with the way you look. Whether you have always been affected by malocclusion or have more recent concerns about shifting teeth, you can be eager to put this problem behind… Read more »

How Can The Choice To Use SureSmile Aligners Benefit You?

You know that orthodontic treatment can address the problems you have with teeth that are improperly aligned. What you might not realize is that there are actually several treatment options available to those who want to take on problems with malocclusion. One option you can discuss at our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is treatment… Read more »

Starting Orthodontic Treatment Before The New Year Begins

Even if the final month of the year has arrived, there is still time to start important projects before the next year begins. If you want an early start on a resolution to improve your smile, or if you just want to begin work that will improve your appearance and oral health, make an appointment… Read more »