Month: February 2022

Clear Aligners And Your Professional Life

Sometimes, concerns about orthodontic work are related to worries about maintaining a professional appearance. Adults can feel that metal braces make them look more youthful and less mature, which can interfere with how they carry themselves in business settings. Unfortunately, this can mean feeling stuck with poorly spaced teeth that negatively impact your appearance as… Read more »

Preparing For Clear Aligner Treatment

If you want to do something about your poorly aligned smile, should you prepare yourself for treatment with metal braces? A fixed bracket-and-wire appliance can have welcome benefits for your appearance and oral health when you complete treatment. However, many people feel uneasy about this kind of procedure due to the impact it can have… Read more »

Your Questions About Clear Aligners

If you have unanswered questions about Orthodontic Clear Aligners, it may be difficult for you to move forward with care, even if you find the idea of discreet orthodontic work appealing. You may be unsure of whether these appliances can actually help you, or what your daily experience with them might be like. You can… Read more »

How Clear Aligners Improve An Uneven Smile

A good oral hygiene routine and regular dental visits will help you avoid different oral health concerns. These efforts at preventive care can also help you preserve your smile. With that said, there are some issues that will continue to be a problem even if you make a serious commitment to protect your teeth and… Read more »