Can Straightening Your Teeth Help You Prevent Cavities?

When you think about what you can gain from straightening your teeth, you can understandably focus on the cosmetic benefits of orthodontic work. As exciting as those changes can be, there are other benefits that come with improving your smile by correcting crooked teeth. One issue people with uneven teeth can have concerns their ability to fight tooth decay. When you straighten your smile, you can fix overlaps that make effective brushing and flossing more difficult, so cavities become easier to prevent. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is ready to help you improve your smile with MTM Clear Aligners, which can offer the benefits of orthodontic work without requiring you to use metal braces.

Teeth That Overlap Can Be Harder To Fully Clean

When you have teeth that are too close to each other, they can overlap in ways that hurt the quality of your smile. What you should know is that in addition to creating issues with your appearance, this can also make preventive dental care more difficult to accomplish. Those areas of overlap can be hard to properly clean when you brush and floss each day, which means bacteria can accumulate, and create problems for you.

Straightening Your Teeth With MTM Clear Aligners

MTM Clear Aligners can help you fix the alignment of your smile without relying on metal braces. These appliances are clear, making them difficult to see. It is also easy remove your aligners on your own, which can make your daily life easier, particularly when you clean your teeth and eat.

Every clear aligner you use brings your teeth gradually closer to their ideal alignment. Treating your teeth to an adjustment with these aligners can actually lead to results in less time than you expect – unlike other appliances, MTM aligners focus on shifting the teeth that are important to your smile.

Other Benefits To Orthodontic Work That You Can Enjoy

Straightened teeth can make biting and chewing easier, which can offer important benefits. A proper bite function protects you from an issue where certain teeth do too much work, and experience a greater rate of wear and tear. You can also put pressure on your jaw joints if you have to adjust your bite motion, which can lead to persistent discomfort.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Beginning Orthodontic Treatment With MTM Clear Aligners

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