Trust MTM Clear Aligners To Make Quality Smile Improvements

You have problems with the way your crooked teeth affect the way you look, but you are unsure about the “right” way to make improvements. Metal braces can make valuable corrections to the way a person looks, but you may be less than happy about an extended period with these conspicuous appliances affecting your smile. If you want a more discreet treatment option, MTM Clear Aligners can be an exciting alternative to traditional orthodontic work. Rather than having a fixed bracket-and-wire appliance running across your teeth, you can use special aligners designed to go unnoticed. MTM aligners even offer results in less time! If you want to know more about MTM Clear Aligners, and how they can help you, make an appointment with your Prairie Village, KS dentist.

Orthodontic Work Can Help You Transform Your Smile

An orthodontic treatment can make a significant change to the way a person looks. When you undergo treatment, you can finally do something about frustrating overlaps between teeth, and awkward gaps in your smile. While traditional appliances can have a less than desirable impact on how you look during your adjustment, clear aligners make your process of straightening teeth discreet.

How MTM Clear Aligners Differ From Other Orthodontic Procedures

MTM Clear Aligners are beneficial to patients who want to avoid putting attention on their efforts to correct smile flaws. They also have an advantage over other clear aligners, because they can reduce your treatment time! Your MTM aligners are meant to prioritize the movement of your front teeth, so that your smile changes occur sooner. You can be excited to find out how your results can be achieved in just three to six months!

Additional Reasons To Consider Orthodontic Treatment

While patients can be prepared to see the value of clear aligners for improving their smile, they can be less understanding of how MTM Clear Aligners can have oral health benefits. Overlaps between teeth can make it harder for you to properly brush and floss with full effectiveness. As a result, you can have hard-to-reach spaces where bacteria build up. You can also have a hard time with biting and chewing because of awkward spacing issues, which can increase your risk for TMJ dysfunction.

Discuss MTM Clear Aligners With Dr. Browne!

Dr. Browne is prepared to help you make positive smile changes with MTM Clear Aligners! MTM aligners let you fix gaps and overlaps with appliances that are hard to see, and easy to remove. You can also be excited to learn how MTM Clear Aligners can lead to results in less time thanks to their design, which focuses on moving your front teeth. To learn more or to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.