Correct Your Smile Without Braces

Prairie Village, KS, dentist offers clear aligners

Metal braces are a popular way to align your smile. Unfortunately, though, this method may be uncomfortable, time consuming, and can interrupt your appearance while you go through treatment. While this is an effective option, it may not be a preferrable option for all patients. Dr. Browne in Prairie Village, KS, offers discreet clear aligners that can offer more comfort and allows you to feel confident throughout your treatment.

Who Can Get This Treatment

When you have crooked or overcrowded teeth, or other alignment problems, it’s important that you seek orthodontic care. These problems can not only affect the appearance of your smile, but they can also affect your oral hygiene. Our method of clear aligners is a faster approach that focuses on your most visible teeth. For this reason, patients with more serious orthodontic problems may need to go through more traditional treatment like braces.

To find out if this method is right for you, you will first need a consultation with Dr. Browne’s team. They will examine your oral cavity and assess the severity of your misalignment. If the concerns are less severe, you will likely be approved for this option. Our expedited method may be compared to other options like Invisalign or ClearCorrect. The difference between these options and ours is the length of time it takes. Traditional orthodontic methods can take longer than a year, and our treatment plans may be completed in just a few months.

A Quick And Comfortable Method

Our method of orthodontic clear aligners offers the advantage of being more comfortable than braces, and a faster treatment time. Metal braces can be tight, may scrape the inside of your mouth, and you will also have to avoid certain foods as you go through the process. Our invisible trays are created to fit your smile precisely and should cause little discomfort. You will wear them for the majority of the day but can take them out during meals or when drinking a beverage. This may make the process more comfortable for many patients.

When you go through the process of wearing braces, you must see your orthodontist every six to eight weeks for adjustments. This means you will spend a lot of time each year on your oral health. On top of regular biannual cleanings, you will need to see an orthodontist to adjust your braces. Many dental practices will have to refer you to another office to start orthodontic treatment. Dr. Browne can help you with your routine oral health care as well as straightening your smile.

Find Out If Clear Aligners Are Right For You!

You may be able to straighten your smile discreetly and in less time. Talk to Dr. Browne in Prairie Village, KS, today by calling our team at 913-901-8585.