SureSmile Aligners Help Patients See Faster Results

It can be hard to shake off your excited feeling when you think about what orthodontic treatment can do for your smile. At the end of your corrective work, you can flash a more symmetrical and attractive smile, one that is no longer marred by issues like teeth gaps or awkward overlaps. Corrective work with clear aligners can make the process of straightening your teeth more comfortable, as they attract less attention and can create fewer problems in your daily life because they can be removed. To enjoy these benefits and see results in less time, ask your Prairie Village, KS dentist about treatment with SureSmile Clear Aligners! With these appliances, patients can finish corrective work sooner, as they are made to prioritize the movement of your front teeth.

Why Orthodontic Treatment Relies On Gradual Adjustments

To make sure your smile adjustment produces long-term improvements, your orthodontic adjustment needs to be a gradual process. Steady movements ensure that the tissues supporting your teeth shift and accommodate the changes in your smile. Because of this, corrective appliances gradually shift teeth and give adjustments time to stick. The good news is that with SureSmile aligners, we can deliver results in less time because they focus on moving your front teeth. These corrections produce visible changes sooner and shorten the overall time needed to finish your improvements.

Beginning Treatment With SureSmile Clear Aligners

When you begin treatment with SureSmile Clear Aligners, your dentist will carefully measure and scan your teeth with advanced digital imaging technology. The measurements captured by this technology help to plan your personalized orthodontic treatment. You will receive a set of aligners, each one made to bring your smile a step closer to your completed treatment. Each one is worn for a set period of time to move your corrective work forward. To stay on track with your treatment, you should keep aligners in place throughout the day. However, you are able to take them out whenever you are about to eat or clean your teeth!

Orthodontic Treatment Provides More Than Just Cosmetic Changes

When you learn more about orthodontic treatment and its benefits, you can find that a procedure offers more than just the chance to flash a more desirable smile. Correcting spacing problems can lead to improvements in your bite function that can benefit your dental health. Your corrective work can also fix problems with spacing that make it harder for you to maintain clean teeth!

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About SureSmile Aligners

By starting treatment with SureSmile Clear Aligners, you can enjoy exciting smile improvements in less time than you might think possible! To find out more about how we can help you, please call our Prairie Village, KS office at 913-901-8585.