MTM Clear Aligners For Teens And Young Adults

While many adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment, treatments to address poor dental alignment often take place when an individual is younger. While it may be common to see a teenager or young adult with metal braces, many people in these age groups can worry about the effect metal braces might have on the way they look. Of course, younger and older individuals can find that being unable to remove their metal braces can lead to frustration. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we can provide orthodontic improvements with MTM Clear Aligners to patients who qualify for them. With these appliances, teens and young adults can feel confident in the way they look during their adjustment, and enjoy smile improvements in less time than it can take to fix alignment flaws with other types of braces.

Look Into An Exciting Alternative To Treatment With Metal Braces

If you could benefit from an orthodontic adjustment, or if you live with a family member who could benefit from treatment, you may assume that you need to arrange to have metal braces put in place. Metal braces can certainly lead to exciting results, but it should be noted that patients may be less than thrilled to receive them. This is because they are concerned about the way they might look, or because a fixed appliance can simply feel intrusive. Clear aligners have made it possible to address these concerns, while still helping people enjoy meaningful corrections for their poor dental alignment!

Wearing Your MTM Aligners

While you may have many questions about MTM aligners, one of your most important concerns can be with their impact on your daily life. like other clear appliances, MTM Clear Aligners benefit the wearer by being discreet. You can wear them in social settings, or in a professional context, without feeling self-conscious. You can also find that you appreciate how they can be removed quickly and easily before you need to clean your teeth, or eat.

MTM aligners have an advantage over other clear braces that can appeal to patients. When you select them to make your orthodontic improvements, you can expect to see those improvements in less time! This is because MTM aligners are designed to prioritize the movement of your front teeth. As a result of this design feature, you may be showing off your ideal smile in just three to six months!

Straightening Your Teeth Can Benefit Your Oral Health

When you straighten your teeth, you can enjoy real smile improvements that you are excited to share. In addition to the cosmetic benefits of an adjustment, you can also look forward to oral health benefits! Straighter teeth can improve your bite function, making you less likely to experience jaw troubles in the future. Because straighter teeth can be easier to keep clean, you can also have an easier time avoiding cavities.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Correcting Your Smile With MTM Aligners

At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, Dr. Browne is ready to speak with patients of all ages about MTM Clear Aligners. If you wish to learn more about these appliances,  contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.