An Orthodontic Treatment That Works For You

Prairie Village, KS, dentist offers clear aligners Straightening your smile is beneficial for your oral health and your appearance. When considering the best alignment option for your needs, it’s important to think about your lifestyle, smile goals, and your schedule. Your Prairie Village, KS, dentist offers clear aligners that can conveniently address crooked and uneven teeth without interrupting your daily life. We’ll explore this option of clear aligners today so you can find out if this matches your needs.

Straighten Your Smile Discreetly

One major reason many adults put off orthodontic treatment is that traditional braces can interrupt the appearance of your smile. We understand that metal brackets and wires that come with braces may not be a preferable option for many teenage or adult patients. The appearance of braces may make you appear younger or cause you to feel self-conscious in some circumstances. Our method of clear aligners is virtually invisible, and others will not be able to notice. They will help gradually shift your teeth into the correct position without the need for inconvenient brackets. This can help you feel confident throughout your treatment. This alignment option may fit the lifestyle needs of working professionals and many other patients.

Feel More Confident

Having crooked, overcrowded, or uneven teeth may cause you to feel less confident in your smile. Orthodontic treatment can help address these concerns and help you love your appearance. A symmetrical grin can look healthier and more appealing, which can leave a good impression on others and boost your confidence.

Before getting started, your dentist will examine your oral cavity and assess the severity of misalignment. Our expedited method is most suitable for patients whose alignment problems are mostly a cosmetic concern. With this option, only the most visible teeth will be corrected, allowing the process to be completed in under a year. Patients with more significant concerns may need to go through more traditional orthodontic care.

See Results In One Year Or Less

Another helpful advantage of this method is that it can be completed in under a year. In some cases, patients may have a transformed grin in just a few months. This means if you start the process this summer, you may be able to see results by the fall. The length of treatment will vary between patients depending on your needs. Since the process takes less time, you can spend less time visiting the orthodontist and can achieve your dream smile at a faster rate. This method may be a great choice for patients who have important events coming in the following year.

Get Started On Your Journey Today

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