Fixing Malocclusion Of Your Teeth

girl holding an alignerDeciding to begin treatment for issues with the spacing of your teeth requires knowing what solutions are available. If you are aware of malocclusion in your smile, but prefer not to wear traditional bracket-and-wire braces, Orthodontic Clear Aligners can provide similar benefits. This option is excellent for patients who do not wish to draw attention to their appliance during the treatment period. You enhance the function of your bite while improving the esthetic look of your smile all at the same time. With this discreet therapy, you can enjoy straighter teeth in a comfortable and convenient manner. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist is happy to provide consultation to determine if this solution can meet your orthodontic goals!

An Alternative to Traditional Bracket-And-Wire Metal Braces

Orthodontic Clear Aligners correct spacing issues with your smile, while providing benefits to orthodontic treatment beyond those of traditional bracket-and-wire metal braces. Treating your malocclusion will more evenly distribute the pressure of your bite. This means that you will no longer cause uneven wear and tear on teeth that take disproportionate force when you chew. By preventing accelerated erosion of your enamel, your smile will be less likely to suffer discoloration or associated decay. While this benefit is highly desirable, obtaining it through metal braces may be discouraging to certain patients. With our alternate solution, you can address crooked teeth with an appliance that is nearly invisible. You will not have to worry about others noticing your treatment until you want to tell them about it.

By allowing for easy oral hygiene maintenance, clear aligners provide further benefit in preventing tooth decay over bracketed braces. You may remove aligners when you brush and floss your teeth as well as when you sit down for a meal. In comparison, the wires on traditional braces often collect food debris and can be a real chore to brush and floss properly.

Receiving Your Treatment System

Examining the degree of your misalignment will allow your dentist to determine if clear aligner treatment is suitable for you. We will take measurements of your smile for the custom design of your treatment system. You will then wear a set of trays throughout the course of your days to gently shift your teeth into proper alignment. Remember that success of your treatment corresponds to your adherence, so do not neglect wearing them as instructed. Over the treatment period, your dentist will inspect your progress to determine if you are on track with your correction plan.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Fixing Malocclusion With Orthodontic Clear Aligners!

Clear aligners address oral health issues caused by misalignment and improve the beauty of your smile all at the same time. This treatment gradually moves your teeth into a straighter position with a system of trays. If you would like more information about orthodontic service, please contact your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.