How Aligners Fix Teeth That Are Too Far Apart

If you have teeth that are too far apart, the gap that exists between them can draw attention you would rather not have, making you self-conscious about the way you look. By exploring your options for orthodontic treatment, you can find that a discreet solution for this is available. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can offer Orthodontic Clear Aligners to make corrections to close spaces, fix overlaps, and generally resolve any alignment issues that hurt your smile. This approach offers more than just a less conspicuous option for care, as you can also enjoy having the ability to quickly and easily remove appliances when they might be in your way!

What Are Your Options For Fixing Poor Teeth Spacing?

If you assume that all you can do to correct problems with teeth spacing is wear metal braces for an extended length of time, you can feel less enthused about treatment. Even if you are excited by the idea of correcting gaps, overlaps, and other problems, your reluctance to undergo the procedure itself can lead to delays in care. Fortunately, this is not the only option that you have! Our practice has helped many people by offering a discreet alternative to care. With your Orthodontic Clear Aligners, you can find that you are more comfortable with your adjustment, and you can still look forward to seeing welcome improvements!

What To Expect When You Start Using Orthodontic Clear Aligners

Your Orthodontic Clear Aligners will be custom-made for your use. Each one in the set that you receive will take you part of the way closer to your fully improved smile. All of them are designed to be both easy to remove and hard for others to see. Their design is based around a careful examination of your teeth and oral structures, which can ensure that the right changes are made and that your appliances remain secure.

Fixing Poor Smile Alignment To Improve Your Oral Health

When you learn more about orthodontic treatment, you can find that it offers more than just the means to improve the way you look when you smile and speak! Better smile alignment can also mean better bite alignment, something that protects you from experiencing issues like TMJ disorder.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Using Orthodontic Clear Aligners!

With Orthodontic Clear Aligners, you can make the appropriate adjustments to teeth that are too far apart. These appliances make orthodontic work accessible to those who have concerns about the effects metal braces will have on their appearance and daily life. By taking on treatment, you can do more than just change how you look, as you can also improve your oral health! If you are ready to learn more, please reach out to our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.