Clear Aligners And Your Professional Life

Sometimes, concerns about orthodontic work are related to worries about maintaining a professional appearance. Adults can feel that metal braces make them look more youthful and less mature, which can interfere with how they carry themselves in business settings. Unfortunately, this can mean feeling stuck with poorly spaced teeth that negatively impact your appearance as well as your oral health. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can offer an alternative in the form of Orthodontic Clear Aligners. With these appliances, we can make the work of fixing your smile easier to fit into your life, even when you need to prioritize keeping your appearance professional.

Will Orthodontic Treatment Interfere With Your Professional Appearance?

If you want to do something to straighten your crooked teeth, will you have to temporarily sacrifice your professional appearance to wear fixed braces? For many individuals, these traditional appliances are not needed to correct problems with gaps and overlaps between teeth. Instead, you can talk to Dr. Browne to learn about the advantages of using Orthodontic Clear Aligners to make changes to your appearance. With these appliances, we can help you more easily fit your corrective work into your daily life. The aligners you receive offer discretion, and they also provide more convenience thanks to your ability to remove them on your own.

Discreetly Moving Teeth With Clear Aligners

After an evaluation confirms that you are a good candidate for treatment with clear aligners, we can progress with care to improve your smile. With digital imaging technology, we can determine what movements need to take place to give you the right orthodontic treatment experience. Once we have the information we need, we provide a personalized set of appliances that will help you improve your appearance and oral health. Wearing these aligners throughout the day can prove easy, as they will be hard for other people to see while in place. During times when you need to eat or clean your teeth, you can quickly take them out.

What You Gain From Straightening Your Teeth

There are more benefits to corrective treatment than just a means of improving your smile. When you make the right adjustments, you can make your bite function more even and uniform. This lowers the stress these actions put on your jaw joints and muscles, which reduces your risk for TMJ disorder. You can also make smile care easier by fixing teeth that overlap, as doing so will help you reach areas of your tooth structure that are currently difficult for you to access.

Start Treatment With Clear Aligners At Our Prairie Village, KS Dental Office!

The right approach to smile care can give you lasting benefits; when you want to do something about poorly spaced teeth, Dr. Browne is ready to provide an effective and appearance-friendly solution with Orthodontic Clear Aligners! To find out more about this service, please reach out to our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.