Quiz: Understanding What MTM Aligners Can Do For Patients

How can you fix smile flaws caused by poor dental alignment, while avoiding problems with metal braces? Can you focus your corrective work on fixing problems with the teeth that are most prominent when you smile? MTM aligners offer many benefits you may not realize are available to you when you want to straighten your smile. Using them means having removable, hard-to-see aligners instead of bracket and wire braces. Patients can enjoy how this approach leads to faster results, and causes considerably less interference with their daily lives. When you understand how MTM aligners can help you, it can be easier to see why you might want to ask your Prairie Village, KS dentist about them. 


True Or False: Your MTM aligners are not removable by you, so you will have to wait for an appointment to have them taken off your teeth.

True Or False: Because MTM aligners focus on moving the teeth that are most visible when you smile, you can have your results in less time than you expect.

True Or False: It is possible to wear MTM aligners discreetly, because they are made to avoid detection.


False! You can remove your MTM aligners on your own, which can make you more comfortable when you eat, and make it easier to clean your teeth. Of course, you should try to wear them as often as possible so that your treatment timeline is not disrupted.

True! MTM aligners can offer results in as little as three to six months, as they focus on adjusting the teeth that are most important to your smile.

True! Thanks to their clear design, you can wear MTM aligners while feeling confident that your orthodontic work is not being noticed by others.

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