Your MTM Aligners Are Focused On Important Cosmetic Changes

What separates MTM aligners from other approaches to orthodontic work? There are many reasons people are excited to use clear aligners, rather than metal braces. One benefit is simply that you can enjoy a discreet correction when you have clear plastic aligners in place, rather than bracket-and-wire braces. You can also appreciate the ability to remove your appliance when you are about to clean your teeth, or enjoy a meal. When you think about MTM aligners versus other clear aligning systems, you should know that MTM aligners can offer results in a short time, thanks to their emphasis on correcting the position of your front teeth. Making the teeth that are more visible in your smile a priority means you can see positive smile changes sooner, and spend less time undergoing care!

Your MTM Aligners Can Lead To Improvements In Less Time Than You Might Expect

The “MTM” in MTM aligners stands for Minor Tooth Movement. Your MTM aligners are designed to emphasize changes to your teeth that are most visible in your smile. By targeting these teeth, you can start to see positive smile changes sooner. You can be excited to learn that because of this focus, your results may be achievable within three to six months!

Enjoying Life After Orthodontic Treatment

People can have little trouble recognizing how your smile has improved after you undergo orthodontic care. With that said, there are several benefits to straightening your teeth that deserve your attention. Your bite alignment can improve after MTM aligners help you correct misaligned teeth, which can reduce pressure on your jaw when you bite and chew. You can also fix overlaps that cause problems because they make preventive care more difficult. Straightened teeth no longer intersect in ways that make portions of enamel difficult to clean when you brush.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Starting Your Treatment With MTM Aligners

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