Orthodontics Can Improve Oral Hygiene

smiling woman putting on clear aligners

When you consider receiving treatment to correct the position of your teeth, you may focus on the esthetic benefits of a straighter smile. But did you know that orthodontic solutions can also make it much easier to keep your teeth clean? By preventing tooth decay and the destructive force of gum disease, proper oral hygiene is critical to maintaining your smile’s beauty as well as its overall health. When your teeth are out of alignment or crowd, oral bacteria can hide in nooks and crannies that are difficult for your brush and floss to access. By evening their position, you gain access to scrubbing their entire surface. This places you at less risk for the corrosive effects of plaque and tartar and helps you prevent the unsightly yellow appearance of this sticky film. By selecting clear aligners for your orthodontic treatment, you enjoy the additional benefit of access to your entire smile during correction itself. While traditional braces have permanent brackets and wires that can get in the way of your routine, aligners are easily removable when it is time to brush.

At your Prairie Village, KS dental practice, we provide Orthodontic Clear Aligner treatment to bring your smile into position and help you keep it clean. When straightening your teeth with a removable orthodontic appliance, you can enjoy the ease of performing your oral hygiene routine without any permanent metal getting in your way!

How Malocclusion Can Lead To Tooth Decay

Tooth decay results when oral bacteria combine with food debris to form a sticky plaque on the surface of your smile. As the bacteria feed, they produce an acidic waste product that erodes your protective enamel and forms permanent holes in its surface. Therefore, any condition that interferes with your ability to clean your teeth contributes to forming cavities. When teeth crowd or overlap one another, they become difficult to access for full brushing and flossing. Over time, this can lead to significant plaque buildup even when you practice oral care each day, but by straightening your smile, you can gain access to cleaning their entire surface.

Introducing Orthodontic Clear Aligners

We could correct your malocclusion with a clear aligner alternative to traditional metal braces. This system of custom-fit trays secures to your smile throughout your day to gently guide your teeth into a straighter position. Because your aligner system is temporarily removable, you can take them off whenever it is time to eat or clean your teeth. Simply place your aligners back on your smile to wear throughout the rest of your day.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Improving Your Oral Health With Orthodontics!

If you would like to straighten your teeth with a hygiene-friendly solution, Orthodontic Clear Aligners may be the treatment for you! For more information about this service, please contact your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.