Preventing Cavities With Straighter Teeth

Teen girl smiling in yellow shirt on white backgroundMaking the decision to correct problems with the position of your teeth has a variety of benefits. While the esthetic improvement of a straighter smile is quite clear, seeking orthodontic treatment can benefit your oral health greatly. Did you know that straightening your teeth helps you fight tooth decay by providing a smile that is much easier to clean? This is because dental misalignment and crowding allow cavity-causing bacteria to hide and form plaque with debris from your meals. By bringing your teeth into position, your brush and floss may more easily access the entire surface to ensure a cleaner smile. As teeth align, you become less at risk for yellowing teeth or experiencing physical injury from an uneven bite. When you select a clear aligner alternative to traditional metal braces, you also enjoy the ability to perform your standard oral hygiene routine during treatment as well. This is because clear aligners are removable and have no permanent wires or brackets that collect debris when you eat.

At your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we offer Orthodontic Clear Aligners to help you straighten your teeth and fight tooth decay. This solution for straighter smiles provides a custom set of aligner trays that bring your teeth into position to enjoy a cleaner smile.

How Dental Misalignment Contributes To Tooth Decay

Any issue with your teeth that interferes with your ability to clean their entire surface will allow oral bacteria to gather and form a sticky plaque film. By crowding or overlapping, misaligned teeth prevent you from fully flossing or brushing even when you perform these activities daily. As time goes on, plaque buildup creates an acidic byproduct that weakens your enamel. Eventually, permanent holes in the enamel, or cavities, form that harm the integrity of your tooth and expose its insides to possible infection. Left untreated, your decay can cause bacteria to infect your pulp and require a root canal or extraction to prevent even further spread. This means that correcting your teeth’s spacing can stop this process before it starts by allowing you to remove your plaque.

Orthodontic Clear Aligners Slide Into Your Oral Hygiene Routine

With corrective treatment from Orthodontic Clear Aligners, you do not need to worry about disrupting the ability to brush and floss your teeth. Because they are removable, clear aligners allow you to practice your same oral hygiene habits without the interference of wires or metal brackets. Enjoy taking off your clear aligners at mealtime as well to prevent any cavity-causing debris from sticking to your appliance!

Speak With Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Orthodontic Clear Aligners!

When you wear Orthodontic Clear Aligners, you can straighten your teeth to enjoy the benefits of a brand-new smile! If you would like more information about our orthodontic service, please contact your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.