The Benefit Of Clear Aligner Treatment

Woman holding clear aligners on blue backgroundHave you thought about correcting spacing issues with your current smile? There are multiple benefits to pursuing orthodontic treatment today. The proper corrective solution can improve your oral health while giving a more attractive esthetic appearance. You may be surprised to find out how easily clear aligners can provide straight results that resemble those given by traditional braces. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office offers Orthodontic Clear Aligners as a convenient treatment for straightening crooked teeth. This solution addresses cosmetic concerns while enhancing the function of your bite all at the same time. This alternative to traditional bracket-and-wire metal braces provides a discreet therapy that does not call attention to itself over the treatment period. Simply put, you can enjoy orthodontic adjustment without creating unwanted distraction.

Deciding To Improve The Spacing Of Your Teeth

When your teeth are not properly aligned, it is easy to feel embarrassment when interacting with others. Our smile is on full display whenever we speak and leaves a lasting impression. Problems with spacing can create a distraction that hampers your ability to effectively communicate. Furthermore, dental misalignment can contribute to poor oral hygiene as poorly spaced teeth can be more difficult to properly clean. Your bite can be affected as uneven wear and tear grinds down certain teeth prematurely and makes them susceptible to breaking or decay. By exploring your options for correcting poorly spaced teeth, you will discover that metal braces are not your only option available for orthodontic care. As an alternative to bracket-and-wire braces, Orthodontic Clear Aligners provide the same straight teeth with a translucent appliance that you can easily remove.

Receiving Treatment With Orthodontic Clear Aligners

Your dentist will carefully take detailed measurement of your teeth and surrounding oral tissues that will be used in the custom creation of your individual appliance. We will provide a system of trays that gradually bring the spacing of your teeth into desirable harmony. The trays will securely fit onto your bottom and top rows of teeth and stay in place throughout your waking hours and even while you sleep. Unlike bracket-and-wire braces, you may remove Orthodontic Clear Aligners when you brush your teeth and at mealtime. This will allow you to much more easily stay on top of your oral hygiene as there are no permanent wires upon which food debris may stick. At the end of treatment you will enjoy a more beautiful appearance and even bite.

Speak With Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Clear Aligner Treatment Today!

Clear aligners can improve the look of your smile while addressing health concerns caused by misalignment. This treatment gradually shifts your teeth into a more desirable position. If you would like more information about orthodontic service, please contact your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.