Ask Your Questions About SureSmile

Is your goal to straighten your teeth without having to wear traditional metal braces? Clear aligners make it possible for you to straighten teeth that are poorly spaced discreetly, and without being dependent on a fixed appliance. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, Dr. Browne can speak with you about fixing your alignment issues with SureSmile Clear Aligners! These aligners make orthodontic treatment more convenient because they are removable, and because they are difficult to see. What makes them different from similar appliances is that they are designed to focus on the movement of your front teeth in order to shorten your treatment time. By learning more about this treatment approach, you can find out about a procedure that is capable of providing exciting cosmetic and oral health benefits in a short time!

What Makes SureSmile Different From Other Appliances?

One big question you may have about SureSmile aligners is why you should choose them over other orthodontic appliances. When compared to metal braces, SureSmile can provide several benefits. You can make your adjustment discreet, and you can enjoy support from appliances that are easy to remove whenever you need them out of your way. What makes them different from other clear aligners? Because SureSmile appliances focus on moving your front teeth, you can start to see cosmetic improvements sooner than you expect, and you can complete treatment in a shorter time!

How Will I Know If SureSmile Aligners Are Right For Me?

At your appointment, your dentist will closely evaluate your smile and talk to you about what SureSmile aligners can do for you. After confirming that you are a good candidate for treatment, we can use digital imaging technology to take impressions of your teeth and oral structures. When this is done, we can use the information we gathered to produce a set of appliances ready to correct your smile.

What Should I Expect During My Smile Adjustment?

In the course of your corrective work, you will wear your SureSmile aligners throughout each day. Wearing them for the duration of your day can keep you on track for your overall treatment time. With that said, you will be free to take them out when you need to eat or clean your teeth. One thing to understand about SureSmile is that the focus on straightening your front teeth will lead to cosmetic improvements in less time, something you can certainly look forward to!

Bring Questions About SureSmile Aligners To Dr. Browne

By asking questions about SureSmile and learning more about these appliances, you can find that choosing this treatment offers many benefits! To find out more about these aligners, and how corrective work can help you, please call our Prairie Village, KS office at 913-901-8585.