Will Clear Aligners Work For Me?


Prairie Village, KS, dentist offers clear aligners

If you have an uneven smile, you may be weighing your options for orthodontic treatment. You could go the traditional route with braces, or look into a more discreet option, such as aligners. Dr. Browne’s team in Prairie Village, KS, offers this unnoticeable option that can be completed in less time than other methods. In today’s blog, we will discuss who may be able to have this done and what you can expect from this method.

Finding Out If This Option Is Right For You

Before starting the straightening process, you will need to find out if you are a good candidate for this option. Your dentist will examine your oral cavity and assess how severe the alignment problems are. If your problems are mild, this may be a good option for you. Unlike traditional orthodontics, our clear aligners focus on the visual aspect of your smile. This means that the teeth that show the most in your smile will be corrected. If you have more severe concerns, such as bite problems or severe gaps, an alternative treatment may be recommended. If you are approved for this treatment, an impression will be taken of your pearly whites to create your trays.

What To Expect Throughout Treatment

During your consultation, your dentist may be able to estimate how long this option will take and address any questions you may have. Once the trays are ready, they will instruct you on how to wear them and when to take them out. You will need to wear these for the majority of the day, even when sleeping. You can take them out to eat, drink, and do your oral hygiene routine. The clear trays will gradually shift your teeth into an improved position. You may experience some discomfort when changing out the trays, but the process should not be painful. Every few weeks, you will move on to the next set as you continue improving your smile’s alignment.

How Soon Can You See Results?

Methods such as braces or Invisalign may take anywhere from one to three years to complete. Our clear aligners are an expedited process that could improve the appearance of your smile in under a year. In some cases, this could be completed in three to six months. The timeline of this treatment will depend on the severity of the problems that need to be addressed. One great advantage of this method is that although you will be undergoing treatment during this time, no one will be able to notice your trays. You can attend your special events and take pictures without others noticing.

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