How Long Does It Take To Straighten Teeth With Clear Aligners?

Prairie Village, KS, dentist offers clear aligners

A significant factor when deciding on your alignment method is how long it will take, and how effective it is. Traditional braces can be a great way to adjust your teeth, but they can take several years. Other invisible retainer options are discreet but may require a long treatment time as well. Dr. Browne and his team in Prairie Village, KS, offer an expedited clear aligner option that can even out your smile in a fraction of the time that alternative orthodontics takes.

Who May Benefit From This Treatment

Adults who have slightly uneven teeth can benefit from clear aligners. If you were unable to receive braces as a child, or your teeth have become gapped or overcrowded in time, this is a great option for you. This treatment plan requires the patient to be responsible for wearing and changing their retainer, so it may not be a viable option for younger patients. You will wear these every day, all day, taking them out only to eat, drink, and brush your teeth. Your dentist will guide you on switching to the next set of trays.

A More Comfortable And Less Visible Option

Clear aligners have several advantages over other methods. First, they are more discreet than others. This is great for patients looking to improve their smile, but do not want braces to disrupt their appearance. If you have important events happening during your treatment, you can feel confident in knowing that you can still show off your pearly whites comfortably without braces. The trays are made of BPA-free acrylic and are undetectable to others.

They may also be more comfortable than braces because there will be no brackets or wires to hold them in place. Instead, these will fit snuggly to your pearly whites and adjust them over time. You can also remove these when eating. This is helpful, because with alternative orthodontic methods, you may have to avoid certain foods that can get stuck in your brackets.

Treatment Can Be Done In Less Than One Year

One of the greatest benefits of this option is the expedited process. Instead of waiting years to see results, your smile transformation can happen in just a few months. We focus on adjusting the most visible teeth so that you can see results faster. If you start today, you will have a new smile by the beginning of next year. For patients who have more severe misalignment, this process may take longer. At your consultation, your dentist can develop a treatment plan and estimation of the timeline.

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