How Clear Aligners Work

Prairie Village KS, dentist offers clear aligners

When it comes to choosing your method of alignment, it is important that you are well-informed about your treatment plan. This can help you decide if the treatment is right for you, and you can know what to expect from beginning to end. Dr. Brown and his team in Prairie Village, KS, are here today to help you understand more about the process of clear aligners.

BPA-Free Acrylic Makes These Invisible

Have you ever wondered how these appliances are clear? Traditional braces are made of metal wires and brackets, held in place with colorful rubber bands. These help straighten your teeth but are highly visible. Clear aligners offer discretion thanks to the material they are made of. Using BPA-free acrylic allows for the retainers to be invisible, strong, and flexible. This material is also safe to wear because it does not have harmful chemicals that may be found in other forms of plastic.

An impression of your smile will be taken and sent to our labs for your trays to be crafted. By creating your dental plan, each tray will be made to adjust your smile slightly during each change. You will still need to see your dentist for check-ins, but you will not have to undergo the adjusting that you would with braces.

Straighten Your Smile In Just One Year

Other orthodontic options may take up to two years to complete. While this is not excessive, it can be disappointing when you want to see results sooner. Our clear aligners target the cosmetic aspect of your grin. This means that the most visible teeth will be adjusted into the correct position promptly. If you begin this treatment this month, you will have a brand-new smile by next year.

Who Can Benefit From This Treatment

Patients looking to correct their alignment without braces can take advantage of this option. Because this alternative focuses on the cosmetic aspect, it is best suited for patients with mild to moderate overcrowding or spacing problems. If you are unsure whether this is a good option for you or not, schedule a consultation with Dr. Browne. He will examine your smile and determine what level of adjustments you may need. If severe misalignment is discovered, other methods can be suggested for you.

If you were a former member of Smile Direct Club, you may be in a hurry to find new care. This company has unfortunately shut down, leaving previous patients without guidance. We can take a look at your current appearance and determine if our clear trays can help you. We understand that this may have put you in a stressful situation, and we will do our best to assist you.

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