Debunking Myths About Clear Aligners

It goes without saying that, when prompted about their smile goals, most individuals will opt for a brighter, straighter, and better-looking smile overall. Indeed, society tends to place a large emphasis on the importance of dazzling grin, and though you may take the necessary strides to ensure your teeth are in tip-top condition, sometimes issues such as misalignment can complicate this process. In today’s blog, your Prairie Village, KS dentist discusses common misconceptions about clear aligners and how our team can help.

Clear aligners Can Address More Than Minor Issues

When it comes to straightening your teeth, there are a few different orthodontic options available. Though you may be most familiar with traditional bracket braces, options such as clear aligners offer more discreet benefitswithout having to compromise on the quality of care. In fact, a common misconception about discreet options is that they are only effective for minor issues. In all actuality, they can be used to address a host of alignment concerns the way that traditional brackets can.

Clear aligners work by addressing a specific group of crooked teeth. Instead of shifting your entire smile at once, they work to address the biggest concern, allowing for a less comprehensive approach to straightening your grin. For more information about the different ways clear aligners can address more than minor issues, give our team a call today.

They Are Just as Effective as Traditional Treatment

Another misnomer about clear appliances is that they are less effective than traditional brackets and braces. Though traditional braces work to straighten your entire smile, clear options can address a variety of the same concerns, but with added benefits. For instance, they offer better oral hygiene, as there is less likely of a chance that food and other debris become lodged. Since aligners can be removed for brushing and flossing, it offers you an opportunity to stay better on top of your at-home routine.

An Option For Most Ages

Finally, there is a myth that implies that this type of treatment is only an option for youths. Indeed, teenage years are often difficult for most as they are learning about social interactions and place great value on the opinions of others. Having to have noticeable braces might only complicate this process, and having a discreet option available can make all of the difference. This does not mean they only apply to youths, however. Adults can benefit greatly from clear aligners as well, and we encourage your family to call our team today to learn more.

Give Our Team a Call

It is important to understand your options when it comes to orthodontic treatment, and clear aligners offers a host of benefits. Contact Robert M. Brown DDS in Prairie Village, KS by calling 913-901-8585 to schedule your next appointment with our team and learn more today.