Clear Aligners And Smile Improvement Goals

Is the fast-approaching new year motivating you to think about how you would like to make changes in your life? This is a time for both reflection and goal-setting; if one of those goals concerns the state of your smile, our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can help. We can actually provide a solution to frustrating problems with poor teeth spacing, one that will not require you to use metal braces. Instead, you can depend on a set of Orthodontic Clear Aligners that are designed to gradually and discreetly make the adjustments that you require. We can help you by both determining if you are a good candidate and preparing you for a procedure that can actually improve your appearance as well as your oral health!

Are You Embarrassed By The Alignment Of Your Smile?

The problems you have with the alignment of your teeth can make you less happy overall with the way you look. Until you do something about this issue, it can be a continued source of frustration and embarrassment. For many, it creates additional trouble by creating oral health worries. By discussing the matter with your dentist, you can find that there is an effective fix that is surprisingly discreet. Rather than depend on a set of metal braces that have to be set in place for the duration of care, we use aligners that are both hard to see and easily removed to help you fix your smile.

Using Clear Aligners To Discreetly Fix Uneven Teeth

A set of clear aligners will be designed based on the current alignment of your teeth as well as their shapes and sizes. Providing a custom fit can ensure their stability and that the right adjustments are made. Throughout the day, you will wear the designated appliance to gently guide teeth to new positions. At times when you need to eat or clean your teeth, you can remove them so that they are not in your way.

The Role Of Orthodontic Work In Improving Your Oral Health

There is more to orthodontic work than just the improvement of your smile. People who suffer from malocclusion can also experience difficulties with their bite function, and those who have teeth crowding can find it harder to maintain the right oral hygiene efforts. Taking on these different concerns can ensure that you have important oral health improvements as well as cosmetic changes to show off.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Treatment With Clear Aligners

By taking on problems with your teeth spacing with a set of clear aligners, you can resolve problems with the way you look, and you can make improvements to your oral health. If you would like to find out more, reach out to our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.