What To Expect After Clear Aligner Treatment

What are your expectations for orthodontic treatment? For people who have concerns about metal braces, it can be a relief to learn that an option like Orthodontic Clear Aligners is available. After all, this approach relies on appliances that are both easy to remove and difficult for people to see, which can help you make more discreet corrections that have less impact on your daily life. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can talk to you about qualifying for this approach to care, what you can expect during corrective work, and what you can look forward to when it is complete. This work can offer more than just changes to your appearance, as it can also be an opportunity to make changes to your oral health and bite function!

Orthodontic Clear Aligners Take On Frustrating Smile Flaws

It can be hard to ignore the impact of poor smile alignment on your overall appearance. You can also find that your spacing issues affect your oral health and bite function in frustrating ways. Rather than continue to live with embarrassing gaps or overlaps between your teeth, you can find that you have options for straightening a smile that is not even. Using a set of Orthodontic Clear Aligners to take this problem on can lead to welcome improvements, which means you can resolve problems with your smile without the cosmetic and daily frustrations of metal braces.

Using Clear Aligners Instead Of Braces For Orthodontic Work

Metal braces can provide important corrective work, and they can be an important option for someone who needs to do something about more significant spacing flaws. For someone who is affected by mild to moderate spacing problems, we can determine if clear aligners will work as an alternative form of care. We can take measurements of your teeth that let us evaluate the severity of your malocclusion and determine what shape and size your appliances should be. Each one makes up part of an overall adjustment strategy, and as you move from one to the next you can make your smile progressively straighter and more attractive.

How A Straighter Smile Provides Oral Health Improvements

Malocclusion can affect people by creating more than just cosmetic problems. The issue can also lead to difficulties with your bite function, something that can lead to more problems with TMJ disorder and bruxism. You also need to be concerned about caring for teeth that overlap, as they can be harder to keep clean. Fortunately, these are problems that go away after you take care to straighten your teeth.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Clear Aligner Treatment

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