How Can I Shorten Orthodontic Treatment?

If you want to start an orthodontic treatment, it is fair to question how you can make the procedure as short as possible. After all, there are several benefits to finishing corrective work. Beyond just improving your smile, work to straighten teeth can improve your bite function and even improve your ability to maintain good oral hygiene. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can provide patients access to treatment with SureSmile Clear Aligners. In addition to being easy to fit into your daily life, these appliances can provide faster results by focusing on the movement of your front teeth.

SureSmile Clear Aligners Can Give You Results In Less Time

What makes SureSmile aligners different from other clear appliances is the way they focus on the movement of your front teeth. By emphasizing the movement of these teeth, your aligners will help you see results sooner, and they will complete care in less time overall. While clear aligners generally make orthodontic work easier, you can still be happy to finish your treatment in less time. After all, the end of your adjustment is the start of your life with your straighter, more attractive smile!

Beginning Treatment With Clear Aligners

Before your treatment officially starts, we will take time to measure your smile and oral structures, as this helps us plan your personalized treatment. Careful preparatory work is important for treatment with SureSmile aligners because it can ensure that you are a good candidate for care AND provide the right appliances for your teeth. To stay on track with your timeline for care, make sure your SureSmile appliances are in place throughout the day. You can remove them when you eat or clean your teeth. Because they are made to avoid detection, you can wear them without attracting unwanted attention.

More Benefits To Using Clear Aligners To Fix Uneven Teeth

There is more to orthodontic work than just the chance to improve the way you look. One big benefit to finishing your SureSmile treatment is that your bite alignment can improve, and that can reduce your risk for TMJ disorder and other dental concerns. You will also be able to straighten overlapping teeth that prove difficult to clean effectively.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Orthodontic Treatment With SureSmile

Are you ready to start orthodontic work? If you want to see your desired results as soon as possible, you should look into the advantages of SureSmile treatment. In less time than you expect, you can have straighter teeth, an improved appearance, and even some exciting oral health benefits! If you would like to discuss this treatment further, or if you have any questions, we are happy to help. For more information, please call our Prairie Village, KS dental office at 913-901-8585.