What Questions Do You Have About SureSmile Clear Aligners?

If you are ready to do something about teeth that are poorly spaced, you may wish to learn about orthodontic treatments that do not involve metal braces. While these traditional appliances are effective at resolving problems with gaps, overlaps, and other spacing flaws, they are not always necessary for straightening teeth. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can talk to you about the benefits of treatment with SureSmile Clear Aligners. Like other treatments that rely on clear aligners, SureSmile can make your corrective work discreet and surprisingly convenient. As you look into their benefits, you can discover that they also make it possible for you to show off your results in less time!

Can I Qualify For Treatment With Clear Aligners?

Many people with spacing or alignment flaws will be able to qualify for treatment with clear aligners. At an initial review, your dentist will be able to let you know if SureSmile Clear Aligners is right for you. An initial visit also gives us the time to discuss what benefits you gain from having issues with smile gaps and overlapping teeth corrected.

What Will My Daily Experience With SureSmile Aligners Be Like?

SureSmile Clear Aligners make it possible to straighten your teeth without being dependent on a permanently-set metal appliance. Rather than rely on brackets and wires to gradually move teeth, we will instead provide a series of aligners that you wear throughout the day. All of them are designed to be difficult for others to see, which makes patients more confident in the way they look. They are also easy to remove, which affords you the opportunity to remove them when they might be in your way.

What Makes SureSmile Different From Other Clear Appliances?

While other clear appliances make it possible to discreetly straighten teeth, SureSmile Clear Aligners does something special for patients. With these aligners, you can shorten your overall treatment time, as their design focuses on the movement of your front teeth. The prioritizing of these teeth produces results in a shorter time, and it can reduce the amount of time that you need to complete the work. Once this is done, you can smile with more confidence, and you can be happy to know that oral health issues related to your malocclusion have been addressed!

Talk To Dr. Browne About Treatment With SureSmile Clear Aligners

As you begin to look into the benefits of orthodontic treatment, you can find that metal braces are not the only option available. With SureSmile Clear Aligners, we can make corrections to your teeth that improve the way you look while also benefitting your oral health! To find out more, call our Prairie Village, KS office at 913-901-8585.