Can MTM Clear Aligners Really Shorten My Treatment Time?

While clear aligners have made the prospect of orthodontic treatment less intimidating, people who want to show off straighter teeth can still have understandable concerns about how long their adjustment might take. Even with the convenience of appliances that can go unnoticed, and be easily removed, you can be eager to start showing off your improved smile! At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we understand this excitement to complete orthodontic work. We provide our patients with MTM Clear Aligners, which can actually lead to shorter treatment times by focusing on the movement of front teeth. This change to the typical clear aligner allows people to have their work completed in shorter periods – you may be able to have your work finished in just three to six months!

MTM Clear Aligners Focus On Moving Your Front Teeth

Unlike other appliances, MTM Clear Aligners help correct your smile by focusing on the movement of your front teeth. This approach improves the rate at which your smile can be changed, as you are prioritizing the correction of teeth that are most visible. This brings about a benefit that other clear aligners fail to provide, making MTM Clear Aligners especially attractive for people who are excited to complete a correction.

Is This The Right Time To Begin Your Orthodontic Adjustment?

Because MTM aligners offer a less intrusive approach to orthodontic care, starting treatment can feel easier. During the day, you can feel comfortable with your appliances in place, as they are difficult to observe when worn. You can also feel more comfortable starting your adjustment knowing that these appliances will not interfere with your ability to eat, or clean your teeth. Having a removable appliance can be especially welcome around the holidays, as you will not have to worry about fixed braces making it hard to enjoy certain meals!

What To Expect After You Complete Your Treatment

After completing your adjustment, you can happily show off a more attractive, more uniform smile! Through orthodontic work, people are able to make cosmetic corrections that they have desired for many years. While this is often reason enough for people to seek orthodontic treatment, there are oral health benefits that you can also look forward to. When your teeth are straightened, you can have an easier time biting and chewing without putting strain on your jaw. You can also have an easier time cleaning your teeth, as you will no longer have to worry about overlaps making some areas between teeth difficult to reach with your brush bristles.

Dr. Browne Can Offer A Shorter Treatment Time With MTM Clear Aligners

Dr. Browne is excited to help patients in and around Prairie Village, KS enjoy orthodontic work with MTM Clear Aligners! If you have questions, or if you are interested in arranging a consultation, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.