MTM Aligners Can Offer Shorter Treatment Times For Patients

When you think about orthodontic work, you may picture yourself going through a long-term adjustment that relies on conspicuous metal braces to make changes to your smile. For many people, adjustments have actually occurred thanks to clear aligners, which avoid problems with your appearance, and cause less interference with their daily life. MTM Clear Aligners can offer this discreet, patient-friendly approach to orthodontic care. They also offer an added benefit other aligners do not provide – with MTM aligners, you can complete treatment in as little as three to six months! You can schedule an appointment with your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office to find out more about the benefits of planning your adjustment with MTM Clear Aligners.

Your MTM Aligners Focus On Moving Teeth That Are Prominent In Your Smile

MTM aligners distinguish themselves from other aligners thanks to their shorter treatment times. The Minor Tooth Movement arrangement means that treating your orthodontic issues can lead to faster improvements. With each successive aligner, your adjustment focuses on correcting the placement of those teeth that are of the greatest importance to your smile. As a result of this innovation, people can start showing off great improvements in considerably less time than they anticipated.

Other Advantages That Clear Aligners Offer

Using clear aligners instead of conventional metal braces can help you feel more confident and comfortable during your adjustment. The design of these aligners makes them hard to observe, which is something that both kids and working adults can be grateful for. You can feel more confident as you go about your daily routine knowing that people are not likely to notice your aligners. You can also be appreciative of how easy they are to remove. Because they can be taken out so easily, you can brush and floss without their intrusion.

Your Improved Smile Provides More Than Just Cosmetic Improvements

If you only see orthodontic work as an exercise in cosmetic dental care, you can be less clear on why you should move ahead with an orthodontic adjustment. You can actually make important corrections to your bite function, and reduce your cavity risk, by straightening your teeth. This means that in the long term, you can maintain better oral health, and avoid problems that often impact people with unresolved issues with poor dental alignment.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Using MTM Clear Aligners To Improve Your Smile

MTM Clear Aligners can provide quality smile improvements with less intrusion on your daily life! In addition to being hard to see, and easy to take out, these appliances shorten treatment times, so you have less time to wait before showing off your improved appearance. If you have questions about these appliances, or any other matters concerning your oral health, talk to Dr. Browne! To learn more or to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.