Can Crooked Teeth Really Have An Impact On Your Oral Health?

Are your efforts to avoid cavities being undermined by your crooked teeth? Poor dental alignment is frequently seen as something to worry about from a cosmetic perspective. This is certainly understandable – after all, your appearance can be negatively affected by the relative positions of teeth. If you have gaps in your smile, or places where teeth are too crowded, it can be hard to ignore the effect on how you look. With that said, these problems can also make it harder to remove plaque and food debris from teeth, and it can lead to problems with your bite alignment. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist can help you correct the problem with the use of MTM aligners. These aligners can help people discreetly make adjustments to their teeth.

What You Can Expect During Treatment With MTM Aligners

During your treatment with MTM aligners, patients can feel more confident than they would with conspicuous metal braces. Your aligners can go undetected, as they are made to be difficult to observe. They can also be removed whenever they might be inconvenient – while taking them out when you eat or clean your teeth can be encouraged, leaving them off for long periods can delay your results.

What You Can Expect After Completing Your Treatment With MTM Aligners

What can you look forward to after your orthodontic adjustment is completed? Obviously, you can expect to see smile improvements. You can also look forward to benefits for your oral health. Teeth that were previously too close together may have been harder to properly clean. Because it can be more difficult to remove oral bacteria that gather between teeth in this situation, the threat of tooth decay increases. That increased threat can be removed when you undergo orthodontic work, and your treatment can improve your bite function.

Ask Dr. Browne About Treatment Using MTM Aligners

Patients who want to improve their smile by correcting alignment flaws can also enjoy valuable oral health benefits. If you are ready to enjoy these benefits by undergoing treatment with MTM aligners, talk to Dr. Browne about starting care! To learn more or to set up your visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.